2018-08           Provocation l’Exposition du Festival d’Art Erotique, Montreal. Qc.

2018-08           On Board group exhibition, Montreal, Qc.

2018-07           Display at Le Placard Cafe, Montreal, Qc.

2018-06           Festival Montreal en Arts art battle, Montreal, Qc.

2018-06           Es.sence solo exhibition, Major Tom, Montreal, Qc.

2018-02           Art Jam live painting event, Good Vibe People, Montreal, Qc.

2018-02           Stimuli group exhibition, Usine 106U, Montreal, Qc.

2017-11           Transformation group exhibtion, Usine 106U, Montreal, Qc.

2016-07           Baazarts group exhibition, Mainline Gallery, Montreal, Qc.

2016-06           Totem Animal group exhibition, Gallery Abyss, Montreal, Qc.

2016-04           Montreal Uncovered group exhibition, Théâtre Paradoxe, Montreal, Qc.


2017-2018       Young Volunteers Project

This program allows you to try out a business project and test your entrepreneurial skills, motivation and determination through activities similar to those involved in a business start-up.


2018-02           “Seed of growth”, 9×12 oil painting (poster) for an upcoming short film.


BAC-Theatre, University of Ottawa, 2014.