When the time comes, we will have what we need to face our dragons, discover our treasures, and return to transform the kingdom. -Carol Pearson

My work is rooted in feminism, inspired by ancient stories, myths and the representation of women before the rise of patriarchy. Drawing inspiration from nature, mythology, folktales and symbolism, my paintings and sculptures represent a need to reconstruct and heal the wounded feminine caused by an androcentric society.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I offer the viewer alternative stories of the feminine and goddess archetypes. In sculpture, I represent the dark and vulnerable aspect of the psyche. I make poseable demons, wild creatures and dolls made with wire, fabric and polymer clay.  Ceramic sculptures allow me to feel connected with the earth. I create chalices, vases, bowls and beings that bridge symbols of death, rebirth and fertility. Child archetypes reveal themselves in pastel colored landscapes and fairy animals while my colorful surreal paintings and auto portraits tell stories of inner most profound desires and insecurities.

I am currently exploring the liminal space between the numinous and reality, light and dark and the disorientation that occurs before entering a rite of passage. I use sunset colors to evoke beautiful and sometimes unsettling feelings and red to symbolize the women’s body, the menstrual cycle and the earth. In part autobiographical, the ethereal feminine figures and animals in my work satisfy my need to heal old and new wounds created by a masculine driven culture.