When the time comes, we will have what we need to face our dragons, discover our treasures, and return to transform the kingdom. -Carol Pearson

The Paradise Within

The fantastical beings, animals and creatures in my paintings and sculptures live in an imaginary world representing stories of our inner-most profound desires and insecurities, searching for the paradise within. Lush and plush combine seeking the inner child, exploring the need to find hope in pain and to find strength in vulnerability.

With the study of personal mythology, inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell, Stanley Krippner, Yehudit Silverman and Stephen Larsen, I realized that my world was not vivid enough. Where others said: Look! The beauty! I felt a hum of numbness throughout my bones and an ache heavy on my heart. But with much cultivating, I found a sacred place between me and my paint brush and a closeness with my shadows, the creatures I turned into beings with my clay. I found freedom in a world where my words would never fall short and my sorrow could be born and left, fed in color and healed. My research into personal mythology has led me to believe that the use of storytelling, mythology and art-making is a means of healing, and of creating new collective and individual narratives, with which we can then project ourselves into new, better worlds.

I am currently working on a gouache series representing my inner paradise, a place so soft, the wind blows butterfly kisses, and love playfully dances with curiosity. Inspired by childhood wonder, it is a mix of whimsical and fantastical, of youthful folly. I’ve always been so in awe of the feeling that I get when I look at cute things; the flying horses in Disney’s Fantasia, kittens, tiny flowers, fluffy toys. In a need to replenish these feelings, I started painting everything that I felt my child self would love and will continue to do so until my heart is full.