Renewal Found in Hibernation

Finding self in nature’s sleep 2021

It is a time for hibernation, to conserve energy, to be in between sleep and reality and for our souls, subconscious dream worlds to find and renew themselves. Slow and steady.

The seat of the soul is where the inner world and the outer world meet. Where they overlap, it is in every overlap. – Novalis.

We have been “in between”, in limbo, on the threshold,  for almost a year. The state of the world has brought us to examine ourselves within it’s constructs and constraints and now that winter is upon us, more restrictions have been put in place. It is a time to journey inward, to be still.

Lately I have been inspired by Persephone, the Greek goddess of the underworld.  Once only known as Kora, she was regarded as a simple but incredibly beautiful maiden. One day, she is taken/swallowed up by the underworld, Hades. Persephone is raped and remains silent for months. Her mother, Demeter Goddess of agriculture is so stiken by grief that she prevents the land from growing. In this, the world becomes bleak and barren. Zeus then demands Hades to let Persephone leave the underworld, to come back to the surface. Hades agrees but offers a pomegranate to Persephone. She eats a few seeds. It is unclear if she is tricked or willingly takes the fruit but this action binds her to the underworld for a certain period of time. By eating the fruit she knows that she must decend into the depths of her psyche, to let winter resurface, to be the protectress of the afterlife. In her coming back to the surface, she is a new woman, born again. She no longer associates herself only with the living world but instead with the mysteries of death and the continual regeneration of life, everlasting growth.

Persephone, work in progress, 2021

This is a time for hibernation. For some, we feel taken against our will and must linger in the darkness, fearful and unsure until we decide to marry ourselves with the reality of the situation. For others  we enter willingly, unafraid, knowing that the dragons and gargoyles of our psyche are defending us in our decent.

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