Channeling Hathor

Hathor Painted in oil on 8×10 canvas, Jaclyn Martinez

Goddess of the land , mother of the Sun, keeper of the sky, patron of joy, celebration and love, master of our world. Creator, you live within us, for us, with us, please help us excavate our mother wounds.

In a world where masculine energy still pervades, not in unison with the feminine but as a force and still pushes to be on top, to take, to ravish, to eat up, to destroy, to push and pull, we must go back to the stories of female nurturing and power. We must call upon the stories of Hathor, of yin, of the divine feminine, Venus, Aphrodite, Parvati, to remember and to heal the disconnect we have with nature, our bodies and ourselves. It is not and should never be about becoming bigger, taking more space and invading the masculine but about the balance of the worlds and the unity that is both masculine and feminine that live within us and around us in natural harmony. This masculine energy, it is everywhere and has seeped into everything, and even I, use it too strongly, to the detriment of those around me. I have yet learned to soothe my aching heart and often rage needs only but a hug, to be fed and nurtured to vanish.

‘’ She was the primordial Mother Goddess, ruler of the sky, the sun, the moon, agriculture, fertility, the east, the west, moisture and childbirth. Further, she was associated with joy, music, love, motherhood, dance, drunkeness and, above all, gratitude.’’

We must go back to these stories where the Mother of all mothers and the giver of everything good must be again worshipped and thought about. We must consciously bring back mythologies of  ancient Goddesses to help balance the prevailing thought that force, although useful in some areas of life, is not what will save us.

Hathor came to me in a dream and in meditation. Before knowing that she was often depicted in Egypt wearing turquoise to represent royalty, I had already painted her blue. This is not a coincidence. It is an evocation, a desire, fostered within me that keeps coming back. Since I can remember, my love for cows has been strong and within them I can see the strength of their bodies, the magnitude of their use and the gentleness of their souls. I pray that we look at these animals again with reverence and love.



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