I’m a self-taught multidisciplinary artist from Montreal, Canada. Inspired by nature, mythology and symbolism, my work is dreamlike and ethereal, of characters lost in between reality and fantasy. My work was showcased in several exhibitions in Montreal at the Exposition du Festival d’Art Erotique de Montreal, On Board group exhibition, displayed at Le Placard Cafe, Festival Montreal en Arts art battle, Es.sence solo exhibition, Art Jam live painting event, Good Vibe People, Stimuli group exhibition at Usine 106U, Transformation group exhibtion at Usine 106U, Baazarts group exhibition, Mainline Gallery, Totem Animal group exhibition at Gallery Abyss and Uncovered group exhibition at Théâtre Paradoxe. I am currently working on a multi-disciplinary project exploring the transformation of psychological wounding and pain through creativity, into art.

I am currently working on a ball jointed doll.  The project is to cultivate a mythological study and artistic perspective towards the creation of animated art dolls to encourage the discovery of uniquely personal worlds that lie within. It explores the boundaries of the unconscious found in personal myths by projecting it’s contents into a cathartic recreation of storytelling as a way of overcoming life’s difficulties.

  • Renewal Found in Hibernation
    It is a time for hibernation, to conserve energy, to be in between sleep and reality and for our souls, subconscious dream worlds to find and renew themselves. Slow and steady. The seat of the soul is where the…
  • Channeling Hathor
    Goddess of the land , mother of the Sun, keeper of the sky, patron of joy, celebration and love, master of our world. Creator, you live within us, for us, with us, please help us excavate our mother wounds….